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HP M1319 MFP Promotion
Well, we can’t provide tax breaks, but DCS can help your printer budget.

We’ve got (7) DCS Refurbished HP M1319f Multifunction Printers on-hand and ready-to-go. Quite simply:

• $129 each
• $35 shipping or delivery
• Scan, Print & Fax Capabilities
• Black & White Print
• Prints @ 19 pages per minute
• Includes standard DCS cartridge (TOHP101A)
• 60-day on-site warranty
• USB Only – Can not be networked

Call us at 937.743.4060 if you’re interested.

HP 4345MFP Promotion
Tired of paying for pages you don’t use?

If you’re using much less than your minimum pages on your copier agreement – Then how does this sound:

• $40 / month for equipment, all on-site servicing & maintenance*
• 36-month purchase agreement (you own it!)
• $0.01 per page – NO minimum!

DCS just located a limited supply of NEW HP 4345’s. For only a penny a page (yes, that’s a penny!) you’ll get a black & white multifunction printer that:
• Scans, faxes & copies
• Prints 8-1/2” x 14”
• Runs @ 45 Pages per minute
• And fits into your budget

* HP 4345mfp includes base model and fax module. Other options are available at additional charge.

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Printing Problems? Try this before you call:

Change your cartridge – even if you just changed it last week.  It could be almost empty or defective.

1) Cancel your print job from the computer that sent the file
2) Turn off / on your printer to reset
3) Print from a different file.
This error means a corrupt file was sent from the computer to the printer.

Pull out the paper tray and check the Paper-Stop located at the back of the tray.  Make sure it sits right against the paper.  If not printing
correctly, the Paper-Stop could be set back too far.

Remove the cartridge and re-seat it in your printer.  The cartridge may have not been properly seated and is causing poor print quality.

I’ve got a different error code. Someone help!

Send us your printer model number, printer brand and the error code. We’ll go through our database and let you know what’s up.
Really – it’s that simple.

I need a service call. Tell me more.

We have technicians based in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus.  Typically we will be at your office net day.  If it’s urgent (i.e. you’re an
accountant and it is April 14th!), just let us know and we’ll do whatever possible to get you up and running.

We’ll get out of your way as soon as possible! On average:
*     Most monochrome repairs (about 80%) take less than an hour to fix.
*    Color averages 1 – 2 hours
*    Plotters are typically a minimum of 2 hours

Once we get inside of your printer, we’ll let you know if it’s going to be longer.

We keep standard parts in-stock, and in our vans.  If it’s a part that is not in stock, it could take a few days to deliver.  Again, we will
communicate timing with you so you can make informed decisions.

Worst case, we do have loaner printers that can cover you while you are waiting for you parts.  You’ll always have options!

That’s a loaded question.  There are many things to consider when looking to repair or replace.
•    How old is your printer?
•    What is the page count?
•    How many pages are you printing per month?
•    Is it still doing everything you need it to do?
•    What is the cost to repair?
•    What is the cost to replace?
•    What’s your budget?

With answers to these questions, we’ll provide options for you to consider.

Most warranty repairs are depot warranties. Meaning trip charges aren’t covered.  Please email DCS to determine what warranty work will
be covered.

We have family all over the US!  Actually, we have service-partners we can call to service your remote locations (like Poughkeepsie).
They are good folks and they know what they are doing.  Let us know where you need help and we’ll see what we can do.