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It’s estimated that many companies spend as much as 10 percent of their revenues on documents and related processes.  And in many cases, they do not even track their total cost of ownership printing costs; with service, hardware, and supplies falling under the radar in separate budget and cost line items.  DCS can help you identify and reduce these costs with a DCS Print Management Solution.

Consolidated Monthly Billing: A monthly summary including department or facility detail provides total cost of ownership for all print costs.

Cartridge Auto-fulfillment Services:  Obsolete and spare cartridge costs often exceed thousands of dollars even in smaller printing environments.  Eliminate this hidden cost with our software driven cartridge alerts.

Fleet Evaluation: High volume printing on inefficient smaller devices translates into high ongoing cartridge and repair bills.  Our tracking software allows us to easily quantify your immediate savings potential.

Print Tracking Software:  Eliminate unnecessary and unauthorized personal and color printing. Our software tracks by device and/or end-user to identify and address inefficiencies and waste.

Preventive Maintenance: A high percentage of downtime is worn feed rollers.  Preventive maintenance proactively alleviates this and other repair issues to prevent end-user downtime and IT department involvement.

Companies have saved up to 40% on their total printing expenditures by switching to a DCS Print Management Program.  Contact DCS today for a custom print fleet assessment.

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