When you hit the “print” button, the last thing you want to worry about is enough toner in the copier or enough ink in the printer.  For print-related office supplies, including DCS brand, HP and Lexmark OEM  print cartridges/printer ink refills, Ohio businesses rely on DCS Technologies to deliver.

•    Need computer printer supplies in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas?
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For all your print cartridges and toner needs, contact us.  We will deliver product to you one time, or set up an ongoing inventory management program—making sure you never worry when you hit “print.”

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Frequently Asked Questions about Supplies

Think of them as fraternal twins, not identical twins.  There are specific processes for remanufacturing cartridges.  We follow those processes.  We don’t skip steps and we don’t take shortcuts. Our goal is to manufacture to the same specs as HP, Lexmark, Brother, etc.

Our cartridges are built to the same page yield specification (or better) than OEM cartridges.

Where things get fishy is page coverage.  For instance, if a cartridge has a 5,000 page yield, that is 5,000 pages at only 5% page coverage.  5% isn’t a whole lot when you’re printing off of the internet (usually 60- 70% coverage) or pictures (90%) coverage.  And your typical letter is about 7 – 8%.

We have a program to help you with the fishy-ness.  Send us your document and we’ll let you know the coverage you’re using.  Or, send us about 10 pages of your normal documents and we’ll give you a great estimate on how many pages you should get from your cartridge.

While that would considerably cut down production time, we think you want quality.  Drill & fill isn’t quality.  Each cartridge is rebuilt from the bottom up.  And drills are banned from our production department!

Where it makes sense without effecting performance, we re-use parts.  Most internal components are always new, but gears and casings can be reused one or two times before discarding.  You’re conscious of trying to rid the landfills of things that can be re-used.  Our job is to carefully screen for those things and put them to use for you.

About 2% of all cartridges on the market are defective.  (Even the OEM’s have defective cartridges – although they seldom talk about it.)  And though we take it personally when it happens, all that matters is that it happened to you!

Call or email.  Immediately!  We’ll send you another cartridge to be received “next day” so you’re back up and running.  Send back the cartridge and we’ll get a credit issued.

And we will ask questions – not to bug you, but because we want to get to the bottom of the issue and work to ensure it doesn’t happen to you again.